Detailed Program Schedule

Tuesday, June 17

7:30 AM Light, Healthy New England Breakfast
Campus Center 11th Floor

8:30 AM General Session VI
Campus Center Auditorium
Presentation (30 minutes)

The Importance of Mentors
Mentoring is something we all need to do and I will share some thoughts on those who mentored me.
Speaker: John Ash (Chef, Consultant and Cookbook Author)

9:00 AM General Session VII
Campus Center Auditorium
Presentation (30 minutes)

Mindful Eating: Sustainability, Healthy Eating and Where We Go from Here
There’s no question that U.S. consumers are far more conscious of food – where it comes from, how it may be impacting the environment, whether they should feel guilty about eating it. But will this new mindfulness result in fundamental, long-term changes in the way we eat? This presentation will dive into current perception and impact of these issues on what consumers expect from their food today, and what they may be looking for tomorrow.

Speaker: Maeve Webster (Senior Director at Datassential)

9:30 AM General Session VIII
Campus Center Auditorium
Presentation (30 minutes)

Fats and Oils: Are they good or bad? Could any nutritional message be more confusing?
For many years, it seems like nutritional advice on fats and oils is constantly changing. This has resulted in major changes in the composition of our food supply yet very few changes have occurred in what people actually consume. To be able to make meaningful changes in dietary fats it’s important to understand what they are, what they do in food and what nutritional research is saying. This talk will attempt to provide a more thorough understanding of fats and oils so one can develop healthy foods and healthy diets.

Speaker: Eric Decker (Professor and Department Head of UMass Food Science)

10:00 AM Industry Presentations VIII
Campus Center Auditorium
Presentation (5 minutes)

Presenter: Peet’s Coffee & Tea

10:05 AM Refreshment and Networking Break
Campus Center Auditorium

10:15 AM Culinary Demonstrations III
Campus Center Auditorium
Culinary Demonstrations (60 minutes)

Guest Chefs:

  • Chef Diane Kochilas (collaborator, Molyvos Restaurant)
  • Chef Barton Seaver (Director, Healthy and Sustainable Food Program, Center for Health and the Global Environment, Harvard School of Public Health)
  • Chef Mark Miller (Chef and cookbook author)
  • Chef Mai Pham (chef/owner, Lemon Grass Restaurant and Star Ginger)

11:15 AM Industry Presentations IX
Campus Center Auditorium
Presentation (10 minutes)

Presenter: Gardein

11:25 AM General Session IX
Campus Center Auditorium
Presentation (30 minutes)

Fats, carbs, and health: fads vs. facts
This presentation will present the current state of the scientific evidence behind pervasive nutritional beliefs (low-fat and saturated fat) and the current dietary trends and culprits (low-carb, gluten, and added sugars), to untangle their role in human health and chronic disease.

Speaker: Deirdre Tobias (Instructor of Medicine and Epidemiologist, Harvard Medical School and Division of Preventive Medicine at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital (Boston, MA))

11:55 AM Refreshment and Networking Break
Campus Center Auditorium

12:10 General Session X
Campus Center Auditorium
Presentation (30 minutes)

A Conversation with Michael Pollan
Moderator: Arlin Wasserman
Speaker: Michael Pollan (World Renowned Author)

1:10 PM Lunch
Campus Center Auditorium Concourse

2:00 PM Workshops
Workshop B1
Hampshire Dining Commons

Tastes Great, Better For You
How we deliver delicious food: improve the nutritional value of food without sacrificing flavor. Learn tricks to deliver delicious dishes without adding fat, sodium and excessive calories.

Chef: Chef Scott Uehlein (Vice President, Food and Beverage and Corporate Chef, Canyon Ranch)
Workshop B2
Hampshire Dining Commons

Simply Italian
Why is Italian food America’s favorite cuisine? It might be the creamy pasta, or the thin crust melt-in-your-mouth pizza, the cheeses like Parmesan, fresh salads with tomatoes and basil drizzled with virgin olive oil and fantastic prosciutto. Every year when I am teaching cooking in Italy, I get so excited about how Italian cooks focus on fresh, flavorful dishes using the best ingredients. They take what’s fresh from the garden and in the market in season and cook it when it’s at its peak to bring out the most incredible richness of flavors. If you love Italian food, you’re going to love this class!

Chef: Chef Joanne Weir (Chef, television personality, cookbook author)

Workshop B3
Hampshire Dining Commons

Hawaii has the Lunch Plate, Japan, the Bento Box and in India we have the Thali. A complete meal!
The “Thali”, a large round plate, with “katoris, small bowls placed on the upper arc of the Thali, is designed to serve the many different components in an everyday meal. Historically the plates were made of clay (pottery) or stone, today they are stainless steel or for festive occasions they are made of silver. As a large number of Indians are vegetarian, the traditional Thali offers lentils or beans, vegetables, rice, bread, pickles, chutneys and at times the addition of a snack or “Farsan”. Usually the dessert too is also served on the Thali. Modern day restaurants serve a non-vegetarian Thali filled with curries and more.

Chef: Chef Neela Paniz (Chef, Consultant and Cookbook Author)

Workshop B4
Hampshire Dining Commons

The Big Healthy Flavors of the Mexican Garden and Woods
Class will illustrate through all vegetarian recipes and demo fragrant, bold flavor of the Mexican wild herbs and mushrooms

Chef: Chef Mark Miller (Chef Consultant)

Workshop B5
Hampshire Dining Commons

Building flavors, Layering Flavors
Creating simple dishes that pops, excites & satisfies

Chef: Chef Alex Ong (Chef Consultant)

Workshop B6
Hampshire Dining Commons

Chef: Chef Jehangir Mehta (Chef/owner Graffiti, Me & You, and Mehtaphor)

Workshop B7
Hampshire Dining Commons

Sweet, Sour, Salty and Hot. It’s all about Balance!
Come for join Ross Kamens for an exploration in the natural foods world. All recipes will be gluten free, dairy free, plant strong and nutrient dense.
We will explore unique and alternative sources for salt, sugar, citrus and pepper in local, regional and global dishes.

Chef: Chef Ross Kamens (Owner, Revolutionary Flavors LLC)

Workshop B8
Hampshire Dining Commons

The Greek Island of Ikaria: Paradigm of Sustainability, Lessons for American Foodservice
Ikaria is a remote Greek island in the middle of the Aegean Sea and it is also a “Blue Zone,” one of the few places on the planet where longevity statistics are off-the-charts high. The New York times called it “the island where people forget to die.” Diet and Lifestyle are major factors that help these islanders live long, healthy lives. In this session, we will explore some of the plant-based foods that are life- and healthy-giving, delicious, flexible, and thoroughly adaptable and accessible to all.

Chef: Chef Diane Kochilas (collaborator, Molyvos Restaurant)

Workshop B9
Hampshire Dining Commons

Sustainable Sea Foods
This workshop will use several cooking techniques and gives John a chance to share thoughts and information on sustainable fish and shellfish from around the world. John is a founding member of the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program and was honored by the Aquarium as their 2014 “Educator of the Year”.
Among the recipes that will be prepared are:
• Crispy Calamari and Lemon Slices with Pesto Mayonnaise
• Grilled Brined Shrimp with Tomatillo and Avocado Salsa
• Thai Style Tomato Soup with Mussels
• Soy Roasted Salmon with Asian Greens
• Vietnamese Shrimp and Chicken Meatball Soup
• Black Cod in a Spicy Malaysian Coconut Broth
• Cold Crab Noodles

Chef: Chef John Ash (Chef, Consultant and Cookbook Author)

Workshop B10
Hampshire Dining Commons

Satisfying, Bold and Flavorful Meals from The Garden… Creating Innovative Globally Influenced Plant Based Food Service in your World
The time for mainstream, globally influenced plant based cuisine is here. Learn how to effectively embrace seasonal produce, ancient protein sources and modern ingredients to create menu’s which appeal to all, but happen to be vegetarian. As important as the culinary segment, understand how to position these new menus to your audience and create menu verbiage that offers the wow factor in your food service. The advantages are many including profitability, menu excitement and setting your own individual competitive food footprint. We will also cover how plant based cuisine lends itself to gluten free and other allergy concerns of modern customers.

Chef: Chef Steve Petusevsky (Director, Culinary Innovation, Native Foods Café)

Workshop B11
Hampshire Dining Commons

Chiles, Tartness and Spices
When chiles get pared with the right amount of acidity they can play beautifully with spices like cumin, allspice, clove, coriander seeds etc. but the art of balancing is what matters.

Chef: Chef Roberto Santibanez (Chef/owner Fonda restaurants and La Botaneria)

Workshop B12
Hampshire Dining Commons

Asia in a Bowl: Creating an Asian Rice Bowl Concept
Join award winning Chef Mai Pham of Lemon Grass and Star Ginger restaurants for a fun and engaging hands-on workshop and learn how to create a rice bowl station that is easy to manage and yet wow your customers with tasty, craveable and healthy flavors.

Chef: Chef Mai Pham (chef/owner, Lemon Grass Restaurant and Star Ginger)

Workshop B13
Hampshire Dining Commons

Peruvian Cuisine: From the Andes to the Amazon
In this workshop, participants will be introduced to the flavors and techniques of regional Peruvian cuisine with an emphasis on the foods of the coast, the Andes, and the Amazon. Participants will learn, through direct hands-on practice, to develop and produce traditional Peruvian creations using modern techniques that are packed with flavor and nutritionally sound. Ingredients will include diverse Andean grains and seeds, root vegetables, chilies, and tropical fruits.

Chef: Chef Valeria Molinelli (Associate Instructor, Johnson and Wales University)

Workshop B14
Hampshire Dining Commons

Engaging Under-Utilized Seafood to Earn Decreased Costs and Increased Satisfaction
Chefs have an opportunity to support sustainable fishermen by creating value for what are now less-profitable species. Barton will demonstrate simple techniques to utilize these delicious opportunity species and will lead a conversation about how to sell these dishes to clients while understanding how this new offerings fit into existing sustainable seafood commitments.

Chef: Chef Barton Seaver (Director, Healthy and Sustainable Food Program, Center for Health and the Global Environment, Harvard School of Public Health)

6:00 PM Chopped/Cutthroat Finale
Engineering Quad Lawn

On the heels of the Inaugural Chef Culinary Conference Chopped competition, the high adrenaline chef-off is back, but with a twist. Like last year, each round will feature four competing chefs. Their challenge is to take a mystery basket of ingredients and turn them into a dish that is judged on creativity, presentation and taste with minimal time to plan and execute. Each day’s competition will consist of 1 round of an entrée dish. The chefs will be given a basket containing four ingredients and the dish each competitor prepares must contain each of those ingredients. The twist this year will incorporate the flavors of the popular television series cut-throat kitchen. Each competitor will have $1000 Chef Dollars at the beginning of the round. Through auctions they can purchase opportunities to sabotage each other of benefit themselves.

6:30 PM New England Clambake
Engineering Quad Lawn

A conference favorite and one you won’t want to miss out on. Enjoy a New England summer tradition featuring fresh lobsters, chowder, steak, local strawberry shortcake, and live music.

9:00 PM UMass Pub
Campus Center 2nd Floor
Enjoy, relax, and network. A light reception with beverages will be provided.