Detailed Program Schedule

Sunday, June 15

12:00 PM Registration & Refreshments
Campus Center Auditorium

1:00 PM Preconference workshop
Campus Center Auditorium
Presentation (120 minutes)

Students and Chefs: The Secret Ingredient for Sustainable Sourcing
The Real Food Challenge has been at the forefront of creating multi-stakeholder relationships between students, chefs, and dining hall executives. These partnerships have created a more transparent and sustainable food system with 24 universities committing 20% of their dining hall budgets to sustainable, fair, and local food. Join us for this highly interactive session to hear about the most recent successes, as well as tools for tracking sourcing, creating transparency, and the mutual benefits of strong student and chef partnerships.

Presenter: Drew Love

3:30 PM Welcome and Opening Remarks
Campus Center Auditorium

Ken Toong (Executive Director, Auxiliary Enterprises, UMass)
Paul King (Editorial Director, FoodService Director)

3:45 PM Opening General Session
Campus Center Auditorium
Presentation (40 minutes)

Think Globally, Act Locally: Why Sustainable Food Matters
One of the most fertile grounds for igniting change and setting sustainable food trends is the college and university market segment. Collegiate foodservice directors and culinarians have become change agents in their communities and on a global scale, leading our campuses in the development and implementation of sustainable food and business practices. In his talk, Mark will touch on how and why we as operators must influence purchasing and menu decisions, source more local foods, incorporate plant-based proteins, and serve healthier, more sustainable food options.

Speaker: Marc LoParco (President, NACUFS)

4:25 PM General Session II
Campus Center Auditorium
Presentation (15 minutes)

Presenter: Performance Food Group

4:40 PM General Session II
Campus Center Auditorium
Presentation (40 minutes)

The Importance of the Customer Experience
Dave Carroll, an award winning singer-songwriter, professional speaker, author and consumer advocate will speak about how important the customer service experience is to everyone, whether you serve 10 or 10,0000 customers per day. His unique ability to extract the essence of a message and craft it into song is a rare gift that is attracting fans of all ages while his sense of humor and disarmingly warm stage presence makes each live experience a memorable one for audiences around the world. His harrowing experience with United Airlines, their customer service response and his ability to creatively overcome monstrous challenges through song demonstrates how important each customer interaction is and what happens when the customer experience is negatively impacted. Dave used his ability as a master storyteller to share his issue with the world. The resulting YouTube music video called “United Breaks Guitars” became an instant viral hit and today over 150 million people have been introduced to his story.

Speaker: Dave Carroll (Co-founder, and

5:20 PM Culinary Demonstrations I
Campus Center Auditorium
Presentation (10 minutes)

Presenter: Nestle Professional

5:30 PM Refreshment and Networking Break
Campus Center Auditorium

5:40 PM Culinary Demonstrations I
Campus Center Auditorium
Culinary Demonstrations (90 minutes)

Guest Chefs: Chef Schott Uehlein (Vice President, Food and Beverage and Corporate Chef, Canyon Ranch)
Chef Roberto Santibanez (Chef/owner Fonda restaurants and La Botaneria)
Chef Steve Petusevsky (Director, Culinary Innovation, Native Foods Café)
Chef Neela Paniz (Chef, Consultant and Cookbook Author)
Chef Ross Kamens (Owner, Revolutionary Flavors LLC)
Chef Jeremy Bearman (Chef, Rouge Tomate)

7:10 PM Refreshment and Networking Break

7:25 PM Cutthroat Event/Reception
Campus Center 11th Floor

On the heels of the Inaugural Chef Culinary Conference Chopped competition, the high adrenaline chef-off is back, but with a twist. Like last year, each round will feature four competing chefs. Their challenge is to take a mystery basket of ingredients and turn them into a dish that is judged on creativity, presentation and taste with minimal time to plan and execute. Each day’s competition will consist of 1 round of an entrée dish. The chefs will be given a basket containing four ingredients and the dish each competitor prepares must contain each of those ingredients. The twist this year will incorporate the flavors of the popular television series cut-throat kitchen. Each competitor will have $1000 Chef Dollars at the beginning of the round. Through auctions they can purchase opportunities to sabotage each other of benefit themselves.

8:30 PM UMass Pub
Campus Center 2nd Floor
Enjoy, relax, and network. A light reception with beverages will be provided.